The climatic chamber of Emicon Innovation and Comfort, named Galleon laboratory, is a 430 m3 room equipped with the most advanced devices required for testing and verifying the performances of produced units.

Inside this room, Emicon Innovation and Comfort is able to carry on tests of both air and water condensed units, with capacities till respectively 1500 kW e 1200 kW.

Galleon climatic chamber is equipped with a double heat and cool ring for testing both chillers and heat pumps, air or water condensed, with partial or total heat recovery, polyvalent units or spit ones.
Air Temperature: min -8°C / max 52°C.
Fluid temperature: min -10°C / max 25°C.
The laboratory is able to test units with 50Hz as well as 60 Hz power supply.

Click here to download leaflet: CLIMATIC CHAMBER.