Emicon Innovation and Comfort offers to its customers an OPERATING LEASE service, i.e. a tool which gives the possibility to install new and advanced concepts units, which are in compliance with environmental and energy saving standards, thanks to a technical/financial solution able to avoid to the customer the CHARGE TO INVEST on a fixed asset used by the facility only for a time of the year, with the advantage of a granted round-the-clock FULL-SERVICE.

The lease is a rental for the goods use only, for required period. We can say that the Operation lease is the reference product for the innovative financing of all those goods which usually have got an high technological innovation, fast turnover and which require additional management services.

The technological obsolescence means high depreciation and a technological renewal slow-down which makes the user efficiency and competitiveness worse.

The purchase with its own resources has got a bad impact on liquidity, budget, credit lines, disposing costs and on tax treatment and for this reason Emicon Innovation and Comfort proposes the above mentioned solution.

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